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Roll the dice and determine your fate with this fun and magical game! With three tiers to climb and 5 different ways to win, this game will entice and excite! Roll a twenty-sided die 3 times and your dice total will determine your prize. But if you match the Master or roll tripples, grand prizes await you! Once you play the game, your winnings will be made live while you sit back and watch.


Tier 1: Dice total 23-41 ($55 value!)

18oz Skull or 3-wick jar candle

2 - custom wax melt trays


Tier 2: Dice total 3-22 ($65 value!)

Small molded wax melt

8oz jar candle

2 - custom wax melt trays

Large molded candle (Owl, Rose Bear, 2x Tear Drop, or 2x Bubble Cubes)


Tier 3: Dice total 42-60 ($80 value!)

Large molded peony candle

3-wick jar candle

Wick trimmer

Wax dive


Match the Master: We will roll the dice at the start of the show. Match our dice total and win $100 store credit* plus free shipping


Triple Dice!: Roll 3 of the same number and win $200 in store credit* plus free shipping


*Store credit is good for one purchase. Any remaining balance will not be carried over.

Dungeons And Candles

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